How Taste Works

Our Path to Design Clarity and Construction Readiness

The best way to maximize investment and manage outcomes on a new construction or renovation project is to be clear about our clients’ design intent. The most efficient, effective way to achieve clarity is via our Design Path – a proven process we’ve used for the past 15 years on hundreds of projects, large and small.

Following the Design Path results in a confident understanding in our client’s intentions for their home. This ensures that those charged with building and crafting it understand and can move with confidence and without costly delays.

The Design Path

The Design Path begins with a one-on-one meeting where we go through the house with you, talking about how you see the space being used and what’s important to you. It’s an informal but focused conversation, followed up with in-depth surveys we use to really understand the nitty-gritty details of how you’re going to live in and enjoy your home.

Then it’s time for us to do our thing. We prepare a concise collection of design deliverables at this point: a space plan, a budget, working materials, and a visual foundation – a collage of images and sketches that represent the tone and manner of the home. The time spent in this portion of the Design Path results in streamlined decision making later: it’s an efficient use of time and energy that our busy clients really appreciate.

From this point forward, the Design Path brings us through levels of more refined decision making, guided by added details and selections in our collection of design deliverables. Our role is to help our clients maximize their investment. Our consistent approach mitigates risk and manages outcomes, which reduces our clients’ stress significantly.

A final plan is agreed upon, and taste oversees the implementation. As well-established professionals in the design field, we have an extensive network of architects, builders, trade professionals and craftspeople we work with regularly. This means we can provide everyone involved on your home with the information and resources they need to get the job done properly. We pride ourselves on our buildable plans, as well as our ability to access the best professionals as needed.

The end result is always a one-of-a-kind high value home, uniquely created and perfect for the people who live in it.

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Milestone Moments on the Design Path

taste works with families at every stage of home ownership, from planning of a new construction home to renovating historic homes. Our Path allows for efficient exploration, to ensure your new home is everything you’d intended it to be, while keeping control of the scope and speed of the project.

Milestone Moments represent key points where you’ve gotten meaningfully closer to seeing your project completed. Here’s what to expect from each one:

Program/Space Planning

Every project with taste begins with a Program – an overarching yet rich foundation for your home project. At the conclusion of the Program phase, you’ll have a good understanding of what your new space will look like in general terms. You’re going to have different floor plan options to consider, visual collages for each room, a selection of foundational finishes and materials, and budget tools with high/low estimates for the interiors portion of your project. Your confidence and ease with upcoming decisions begins here.

Schematic Design

Once you reach the Schematic Design stage, your vision for your dream home is getting much clearer. At this point, we’ve worked with you to develop detailed plans, based on what we’ve learned about your lifestyle and preferences. Included in this are some key elevation drawings, which make it easier to visualize your new space, and a more refined suite of materials for you to consider. Because the plans have been refined, the budget now becomes more specific. Our mission is to help our clients maximize their investment, so we devote time at this stage to material selection with a focus on what will serve your family well now and in the long run.

Design Development

The Design Development stage is very exciting, because when you’ve reached this point, you’ll know with a high degree of certainty how your new home is going to look, feel and function. You’ll have complete plans, detailed with all relevant specifications and elevations. You’ll know – down to the last door knob and drawer pull – what materials and finishes are going to be in place. And all of those individual ‘things’ that make a house a home – personal favorite items, the family furniture, a special collection or artwork – will have a place in the plan. The budget is equally beautiful in its own way, thorough and detailed because we’ve found that accuracy, transparency, and clear communication is the very best way to ensure outstanding outcomes.

Construction Collaboration

During the Construction Collaboration, taste serves as your eyes and ears on the ground. We collaborate with the builders, providing construction plans and mock-ups experienced professionals appreciate working from. Regular site visits are done to confirm design intent, assess project progress, and keep you fully appraised of meaningful developments. When the Construction Collaboration stage is over, the next, and best stage begins the minute you start enjoying your new home.

Highlight of the Design Path: The Visual Trays

Our clients consistently report that their favorite part of the Design Path is interacting with our visual trays. Visual trays are filled with samples of the materials, including soft goods and finishes, chosen specifically for your home by our team of experienced, insightful designers. We keep the process fun and focused on creating a space you’ll love being in.