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Providence, Rhode Island

East Side Modern

A classic Providence home gets a modern update, making it ready for active family life.

Project Partners

Builder: JJO Inc.

Architect: Greg Maxwell, AIA

With Good Design, A Busy Household Thrives in a Historic Home

This family home represents our sweet spot – creating a beautiful, vibrant environment within a historic setting for a busy, active family. It’s a design that honors both the beautiful architecture and the parents’ passion for giving their children a safe, nurturing place to learn and grow.

Located on the East side of Providence, the home is a traditional late 1800’s foursquare. Making this historic home suitable for modern life included expanding the kitchen – we added a bay-shaped addition with custom windows created to identically match original bay windows in the home, and furnished it with a custom oval table and comfy banquette to create an airy, comfortable space where the whole family gathers for meals. We’ve even seen tired children fall asleep at the banquette, much to our delight.

Renovating the basement turned a dark wasted space into a fun, functional area with a kid’s playroom, a gym, and a bath. Everyone’s bedroom was upgraded. Mom and Dad now have a master suite that’s comfortable and well-conceived; the kids’ room were built with ongoing learning and self-expression in mind.

When you talk big picture, all of our clients know what’s important to them. This is definitely true for this savvy crew. They’re a happy, curious family. Mom and Dad are thoughtful and put a lot of their selves into the design – especially their desire that the kids have room to play and grow, spaces to make art and garden and just be free. Our role was to help make that happen.

Key Takeaways:

Lessons Learned from East Side Modern

Historic homes come with their challenges. Finding the best way forward is a collaboration, a true partnership that centers your family’s lifestyle in the design process.

When you have a young family and are ready to embark on a renovation, consider relocating during construction. This family did and couldn’t have been happier with the dust-free, stress-free project that moved along that much quicker as a result.