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Narragansett, Rhode Island

Sun’s Race

Creating a forever home, especially one that is meant to serve as a cherished family legacy, requires a confident, timeless approach rooted in smart design and investment choices. Designing for generations means prioritizing longevity — both in terms of material durability and lasting aesthetic appeal. It’s the art of choosing what is always right.


To do that, our clients enlisted the talents of Alec Tesa, AIA, taste and Horan Building Company.   We were fortunate to beginourdesignworkbefore the original house was even removed from the site, creating a formidable and well-coordinated team from the start.


As a result,  thoughtful and custom elements were able to be included throughout the house.  From the herringbone flooring at the entry, to the mahogany divided light doors to the marble and the glass and tilework in the master bathroom this traditional shingle style home delights at every turn. The client’s commitment to long-term joy resulted in a mahogany-clad office for him, a sunny morning room for the family to gather now and future grandchildren’s quarters and a playroom to run free even in the finest of homes.

Project Partners


A. Tesa Architecture


Horan Building Company

Landscape Architect:

Muoio Design Group


Robyn Ivy

Key Takeaways:

Lessons Learned from Sun's Race

Good design takes time. And thoughtful interactions. As we work closely with our clients during the design process our understanding of their needs, wishes and lifestyle gets richer as get to know them. And, as with these clients, our affection and caring for them naturally grows, too. The result is a home crafted specifically for them because we’ve come to know and love them along the path.

Ultimately, this home was a gift our clients gave to themselves – a reward for a lifetime of hard work, a demanding lifestyle, and a strong partnership. By focusing on maximizing investment and managing outcomes, we were able to ensure they got exactly what they wanted.