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Charlestown, Rhode Island

Quonochontaug House

Quonnie (Rhode Islander’s affectionate abbreviation of the Quonochontaug neighborhood of Charlestown) is an ideal place to spend the summers with your kids, as our clients have been doing since the children were little. When the time came to upgrade the summer home, they put together an exceptional team including architect George Penniman Architects, Gardner Woodwrights and Anne Penniman Landscape Architects.  Taste joined just as framing for the new home was completed and guided the fit and finish of the interiors until completion – right down to the finishing touch of original and commissioned artwork throughout the home.


The architect’s vision for the home was an easy, open interior that featured thoughtfully proportioned rooms that kept individual areas cozy, with clear views to adjacent spaces and the family and friends gathered there. We continued that concept through our work, while incorporating our client’s very personal style, accented with bold moments. High functioning rooms like the Kitchen, Pantry, Laundry and Mudroom are packed with practicality yet finished in a fresh and innovative palette.  Outdoor spaces are loaded with options to dine, lounge and gather.  The result is a home that’s easy to live in and an inspiring change of pace.  Just as a classic summer home should be.

Project Partners


Penniman Architects


Gardner Woodwrights

Landscape Architect:

Anne Penniman


Robyn Ivy

Key Takeaways:

Lessons Learned from the Quonochontaug House

Let your design team take an idea to its full potential. In this instance, taste introduced an interior porthole window that expanded upon the architect’s vision and ultimately became a spring board to adjacent elements with similar geometry and style.

If you have a strong vision for your home, a designer helps make it happen. We listen, edit and evolve what’s in your imagination to help make it a reality. Being brave and sharing what’s in your mind’s eye will help your designer create your happy place.