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autumn: authentic luxuries


Fall is upon us. All we have to do is look out the window to spot the evidence–leaves have begun to carpet yards with an array of colors and the air feels crisper than the crust on a cinnamon apple pie. As we say goodbye to summer and welcome the warm, earthy hues of Autumn, we begin to settle indoors, transitioning between hosting an outdoor cookout and entertaining by a cozy fire. Our article in the Newport Daily News on October 7th titled “Incorporate Authentic Fall Luxury into Your Home,” gives wonderful examples. I’ve included it below (with extra photos). Give one, or all of these ideas a try, and turn your home into an authentic Fall luxury.

Incorporate Authentic Fall Luxury into Your Home by Patti Watson – Newport Daily News; October 7, 2015

The coziest time of the year is upon us and there is nothing more luxurious than decorating with charming accents to add warmth and meaning to your living space. After all, in the words of designer Charlotte Moss, true luxury is a “personal philosophy,” intimate, unique and certainly not defined by the grandness or size of a home. Luxury is the feeling of contentment upon entering a space garnished with thoughtful touches. Even the most delicate accents can serve as a testament to the character of the individuals living within a home’s walls to create what I like to call authentic luxury.

Fall is the perfect season to incorporate authentic luxury into your space—it’s a time to make your home more comfortable and inviting for the chillier seasons ahead. Here are a few easy ways to conjure feelings of authentic luxury this autumn:

Original Art

There is nothing more unique that custom art and photographs. Surround yourself with your own framed art (even if created by your children). Choose and frame a few family photos or landscapes to bring a different medium into the mix. Layer on a mantle or arrange strategically on a spacious gallery wall to instantly flood a room with good memories.


Add Layers of Warmth

Store the summer pillows and replace with deep shades of eggplant and brown. Rich velvets bring an adventurous flair and touch of glamour to your furnishings.

rugs-blue-cream-wool-fall-decorating-taste-interior-design Layer thick and cozy throws to the couch and chairs and bring in a soft rug to keep bare feet warm as the temperatures fall.


Bring the Outdoors In

As you spend less time outside, bring a little nature indoors by cutting tall branches and placing in glass vases to bring height to a console or arrange down the center of the dining table in advance of a festive meal. For a pop of color, nestle different sized mini-pumpkins and gourds along a mantle or dining table. Do you have a wood burning fireplace? Be sure to stock your firewood holder with fresh cut wood.


Candlesticks and Candles

As the days get shorter, stock up on votive candles and glass holders in warm tones that will create gentle light in the evening. Arrange a few magnolia leaves around votive candles for a naturally beautiful setting.


Say Farewell to Summer

Swap out the sea glass and beach pebbles for the slightly deeper colors found in a basket of pine cones on the mantle.


Launder and store summery dish towels away to make way for warmer, richer colors and the heartier meals to come.


Gather Friends for a Pre-Holiday Gathering

I have a friend who once hosted a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with a small group of friends so he could do a trial run with a new roasted turkey recipe. It was one of the most memorable and relaxed gatherings of the season, held a few weeks before the holiday hustle began with just a few close friends.


After warming your home with authentic luxury details, try doing the same. Your thoughtful decorating spirit will naturally extend to your menu planning and table décor to help create a meaningful gathering.

You may even inspire others to do the same.