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Tips from the Tastemakers

In Good Taste | January 2020 Tips from the Tastemakers: Design Ideas and Philosophies for 2020 We’re celebrating the start of 2020 with a gift – a collection of inspirational ideas and images to guide your interior projects this year.  (Plus, the more you read, the more you’ll find references to some of our favorite […]

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Top 12 Moments of 2019

In Good taste | December 2019   As we wrap-up the year, we’re sharing a collection of our favorite moments from 2019 – expressed in images.  Enjoy and best wishes in 2020!   We found abundant architectural inspiration in and around our client projects in Palm Beach.     Our collaborations with artists like Tracy […]

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finishing with art

In Good taste | December 2019 Finishing with Art: How to Develop Your Taste Not every client we work with has a collection of art waiting in the wings to light a spark of inspiration for a room, or provide the finishing touch at the end of a project. In fact, it’s pretty rare. (That […]

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custom home know-how: why shop drawings are critical

  In Good taste | November 2019 Custom Home Know-How: Why Shop Drawings are Critical   This week, we’re starting a series of posts that answer frequent questions we receive from clients before or during their project. Just like any industry, design has its own parlance. We try hard not to overuse design lingo, but […]

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Nakupenda | before & after

      In  Good taste | November 2019 Sailing Summer Home  Translated, Nakupenda means “I Love You”. And that spirit of love was ever present in the refit of this 109’ custom sailing yacht. Designed by Ted Fontaine and built by Danish Yachts in Denmark at their Aarhas shipyard, she was completed in 2005 […]

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how to be prepared

  In Good taste | October 2019 Planning for Trying Moments in a Home Project   You’ve decided to embark upon the new construction of a home, or embrace a renovation of your existing home.  Good for you.  (Really, this can be positive experience despite what you or your friends/family have endured in the past.).  […]

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balancing act

In Good taste | October 2019 Preserving and Modernizing a McKim, Mead & White Masterpiece. I’m often asked “what makes an ideal project for team taste?” My perhaps long-winded answer always starts by describing the quality of the client/project partner team and usually ends with something sort of emotional along the lines of  ‘we’re helping […]

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before, during & shortly after: elm’s view

  In Good taste | September 2019 As we say goodbye to summer, we also say goodbye to our clients and now dear friends at Elms View — our historic Newport restoration project completed in June.  The family returns to their primary home in Chicago, full of short-but-sweet summer memories made in their re-imagined home, […]

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before & after: honest + artful bungalow

The design assignment to renovate a bungalow and retains its inherent character sounds straightforward and appealing.  The scale is comfortable, architectural details are honest and an open floor plan creates a pleasing flow from room-to-room and from inside-to-out. Built in 1900, this Jamestown charmer had the potential to promise this simplified lifestyle.  Thankfully, our client […]

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big impact, small budget…

  Happy Spring everyone!  If you’re like us and are embarking on a few spring projects at home to freshen up your inside spaces, you’ll find this article from The New York Times “Making a Big Impact on a Small Budget” helpful. We did, and found it inspired us to share a few of our favorite […]

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take it outside

  tasteful exterior spaces, just in time for summer… Current New England temperatures are far from our idyllic coastal summers, but our clients know warmer weather will be here before we know it.  Once here, our summers here are short-lived, for sure. Those precious twelve weeks of summer means outdoor spaces currently in design and […]

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meet team taste member Ashley LeFebvre

  When designing a home, there are so many opportunities for a client to breathe their own personality into their space. We encourage it and it’s always been one of our guiding service principles. As a team we work hard to understand our clients’ unique vision and then refine it, synthesize it, and evolve it […]

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