Artist in Residence

Our Artist in Residence Program connects the clients we serve with world-class artists, fostering opportunities for designing homes finished with meaningful, original art.

Encaustic paint with brushes on palate

About the Program

As our clients grow their art collections, we connect them with artists, introducing artwork early in the design process. Our unique Artist in Residence Program facilitates this goal. The program consists of a twelve-month-long "stay" for one artist. During this time, we display their work in the House of Taste, stamped with the approval of our high-caliber standards. Their pieces become an integral part of client presentations, work sessions, and Taste events. The opportunity to collaborate on commissioned pieces is often a fulfilling one for both artist and patron. We develop the year-long program specific to the unique work and process of each artist.

Artist Alyn Carlson wearing a paper hat made of packing materials

2023-24 Artist in Residence

Alyn Carlson

A multidisciplinary artist, creative director, and author, Alyn Carlson's work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions across New England. She brings to Taste impeccable attention to detail, a love of design, and a spirit just as beautiful as her work. Alyn lives and practices her craft in New Bedford, MA.

Alyn’s work is made richer by a rare neurological gift called synesthesia, which allows her to experience smells, sounds, and numbers as vivid colors. She uses these associations to push creative boundaries and create art that is highly personal.

Alyn's oil paintings are on exhibit in the House of Taste, as well as her journals, paper flowers, and collages on a rotating basis. We are delighted to include Alyn and her work as part of our commitment to helping clients incorporate original art into their homes.

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