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Taste is a design collective founded and led by Patti Watson.

We’re known for keeping large, complex home design and build projects simple and stress free for our clients. Our role is to help you maximize your investment, mitigate risk and ensure the result is a beautiful, comfortable living space the entire family enjoys.

When we meet our clients...

...they’re in an interesting moment in their lives. The home of their dreams is on the horizon – but the route to getting there isn’t necessarily clear. Knowing they’re ready to start a long-term, high-investment project means our clients are experiencing a range of emotions.

At first, the prospect of designing and building can be very exciting – especially when creating a much-needed retreat or a forever home. As homeowners wade into the process, it’s not uncommon to experience some (or a lot of) trepidation. Everyone’s heard the scary stories about projects where the scope of work and budget gets way out of hand, and the homeowner feels like they’ve lost control.

That’s where Taste comes in. We work with our clients to create dream homes in a responsible manner. We use our experience, expertise and industry connections to deliver designs that make financial sense, are eminently buildable, and delight the families that live in them.

Design guidance & leadership…

...eliminates the fear from working with a designer. Our clients enjoy the confidence of knowing they have total control and the certainty that comes from having a team of dedicated professionals acting on your behalf. Our team is experienced, insightful, and easy to work with.

There’s no such thing as the definitive Taste home: when you look at our work, you’ll see a wide spread of aesthetics. That’s because we’re client-driven. Every home we work on is a unique celebration of the family who lives in it, a carefully crafted setting for memories to be made.

At the same time, every home we work on is a master work of planning, logistics and oversight. Our role is to provide a low-pressure, enjoyable experience for our clients while adeptly coordinating the multiple trade professionals involved in the project and ensuring the budget is used wisely.

Our approach will be instantly familiar to and appreciated by anyone whose work involves the management of time, money and people. It’s a proven, reliable, and efficient way to maximize investment, mitigate risk and manage outcomes. We call it our Design Path.

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