pride of place

Not Your Typical Empty Nesters


Whoever says empty nesters should downsize never met our clients, Kathy and Doug. Just as their youngest moved out, they were already planning their next chapter in life—one with weddings, grandchildren and descendants coming together along Rhode Island’s southern coast—a home that will later become a family heirloom to be passed on to the next generation.

Their idea for an heirloom home came to life with architect, Alec Tesa, who dressed every surface — both inside and out — with architectural details. While the house’s structure brims with pride of place, the interiors were inspired by Mother Nature (and taste, of course).  We took cues from the location, certainly—the sand and the sea—but it’s a soothing, nature-inspired palette, rather than traditional blue and white. We also took some inspiration from the title of a poem the couple’s eldest daughter wrote in the fifth grade. To find out what the poem was entitled and to see how it influenced the home’s design, we invite you to read this article which features the home in New England Home magazine.



When designing a plan for your legacy home, the first consideration should be how to best accommodate everyone from children to grandchildren – for instance, basement bunk rooms and play areas can buffer unwanted noise from common spaces and first floor bedrooms for elderly family members and guests.  Additionally, there is the need for specific spaces: zoom home offices, study areas, and private nooks to read a book or enjoy some alone time. Of course durable materials should be incorporated for longevity and to tolerate substantial use by the likes of children, pets and other guests. And one factor that is often overlooked are the hobbies and activities that bring a family together.  Will the owners use the home in the summers for beach days, backyard cookouts, and boat outings? Or will they use it during ski season, winter holidays and family card games – trying to outwit last year’s champion? Or is it a place to gather around the dining table for family meals, conversation and celebrations with kitchens that can cook for the masses and store shared recipes from past generations? Taste designs spaces for function so everything has a place and can accommodate its purpose. As a result of such planning, move-in day is the start of many memories to be made, without any regrets.

No Regrets,