Alyn Carlson

Aqualinea oil on panel by Alyn Carlson
Artist Alyn Carlson wearing a paper hat made of packing materialsALYN CARLSON
New Bedford, MA

Alyn Carlson is a New England-based artist who grew up in Southern RI. She is a painter, creative director, performer, author, sewist and paper artist, living and practicing art in New Bedford, MA. With a degree in graphic design from RISD, Alyn has a background in the development of creative branding and art direction. Her primary mediums include oil painting, gouache, watercolor, and digital design.

In the past four decades, she has been a street performer in California, renovated a church into a home, established an outdoor Shakespeare company, and maintained a painting practice and design studio.  She has been the star of several solo exhibitions, along with a multitude of group shows across New England. She also writes a blog called Colorgirl.

Alyn’s art and designs have been featured in numerous blogs, television shows and magazines such as PBS, CNN, This Old House, Vogue, Redbook, Communication Arts, Uppercase, Print, Photo District News, and Rhode Island Monthly. Her paintings are featured in Deborah Forman’s book Paint Lab and Grace Bonney’s Design Sponge at Home. Alyn’s book, The Paper Hat Book, a how-to book for adults and children, features her designs made from recycled materials and ephemera. Her art resides in private and corporate collections nationally and internationally.

Alyn’s work is made richer by a rare neurological gift called synesthesia, which allows her to experience smells, sounds, and numbers as vivid colors. She uses these associations to push creative boundaries and create art that is highly personal. Click here to see a PBS interview with Alyn about synesthesia.

To learn more about Alyn and her work, please visit www.alyncarlsonportfolio.com.

Alyn Carlson with paper flower chandelier Alyn Carlson in a Bojagi Dress Alyn Carlson wearing a paper flower crown of her own creation


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