Barbara Owen

Artist Barbara Owen
Rhode Island & Brooklyn, New York

Barbara (Babs) Owen is a multidisciplinary artist who uses bold color and diverse shape to explore the relationship between abstraction and personal life. With an emphasis on painting and sculpture, she aims to develop a collective memory and represent identity through art.

Babs has earned her own solo exhibitions at galleries across the East Coast, her most recent show being in Ashton, North Carolina. Her bold work can be seen on the walls of colleges, museums, and international embassies through the Art in Embassies program.

Her deep exploration of form, color and tone have earned her residencies across the nation. Taste is excited to welcome Babs as a supporting artist in our House of Taste and to continue featuring her work.

To learn more about Babs, please visit her website: www.barbaraowen.net


Babs’ work available at Taste


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