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Custom Home Know-How:
The Impact of Your Project


Do you know the positive economic ripple that occurs when you build or renovate a home? It’s tremendous and often invisible. And now more than ever, vital to the financial well-being of our communities.

So how are top builders maintaining productive job sites for our shared clients? More importantly, how are they ensuring a safe work environment for their crews so builders and trades can continue to make a living during these uncertain times? Read on to learn how four project partners on a handful of our projects are keeping their workforce safe and employed during COVID.

Our thanks to them and a special note to our clients: your commitment to sustaining your home project during shaky times equates to hundreds of jobs for people and their families. And a brighter future for so many.

Take care of yourselves,



J2 Construct |  Middletown, Rhode Island

We’re partnering with our friends at J2 to build a custom home in Charlestown, RI for a long-time Quonnie family. The project brings together design and construction pros from Massachusetts and Rhode Island, working together to help fulfill our client’s dream home. Currently, there are 10-15 subcontractors on the job site ranging from framers to plumbers, safely working everyday under disciplined COVID protocols.  Over the coming months an additional 10-15 different trade companies will join the project.

To be certain contractors are not delayed by supply chain interruptions, J2 has pre-ordered materials and long lead time items, creating safe and secure stockpiles on-site and at partner locations. And, J2’s project management staff works closely with the design team and owners to be certain decisions are made to support critical path milestones.  



Baud Builders |  Wakefield, Rhode Island
Our relationship with Baud Builders brings us together again at a classic summer home, this time in Narragansett, RI. Together, we’re renovating a multi-generational home on a deadline for family enjoyment this summer. And, July’s just around the corner. Daily/weekly check-ins with designer/builder/client help ensure decisions are made and trade schedules that resemble a matrix are completed to ensure safe working conditions while also delivering on our summer promises.



Sherwood Building Group & Palm Beach Custom Woodworks, West Palm Beach, Florida

What’s happening on residential job sites in Florida? Our go-to build/millwork team in Palm Beach, fresh off completing one of our renovation projects there this winter, is hard at work and also happily reporting silver linings.

Sherwood Building Group reports they are allowing only one subcontractor crew on a site at each time, but are fortunate to have three different job sites, enabling them to rotate crews, keep them employed and keep them distanced from job to job.

Palm Beach Custom Woodworks is up and running, with a busy shop and installation schedule – thanks to safety measures put in place and respected by their employees. In the shop, cabinet makers and estimators have limited interactions with each other to ensure distancing. While the result is less social than it was, it’s provided the teams greater focus on their daily work and increased productivity.



WKP Construction | Newport, Rhode Island

Last, but never least, are our partners at WKP. We’re working with Wade and team to build a new home in our hometown, Jamestown. Set on Mackerel Cove, the house is on a spectacular site, rich with coastal-related challenges long before COVID-19 (think flood plain, an abundance of steel and concrete and lots of system requirements on a limited site). Nevertheless, the WKP team is carrying on, with great energy, to complete the home early next year. Following CDC job site guidelines to a tee, they plan each subcontractor’s day on the job site to ensure each work within zones for safety.