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Jamestown, Rhode Island

Harbor View Cottage

Project Partners

Architect: Leonard Baum

Builder: Viera Construction Building & Remodeling

A Renovation with a Twist:

Achieving the Perfect Harbor View

We’ve done many complete renovations of older homes, but the Harbor View Cottage is truly unique. A classic Jamestown summer cottage was destined to become a year-round family home, but before that could happen, serious foundational issues needed to be addressed. Resolving that concern presented an opportunity to restore one of the home’s best features: the waterfront view that had gotten obscured since its creation in the 1890’s.

Lifting, turning and resetting the home on a new foundation was a major undertaking. So too was the family’s decision to install geothermal heating – a newer technology at the time. Their open-mindedness and willingness to consider a wide range of possibilities to find the best solution to challenges proved to be once again useful when we worked with them renovating the kitchen and adjoining first floor spaces.

Like many classic shingle style homes, the Harbor View Cottage had two staircases. Removing the rear staircase gained some much-needed room in the kitchen and entryway. More importantly, the family’s traffic pattern was changed. Everyone using the front stairs resulted in more impromptu gatherings and togetherness in the once too-formal living room. Taking the stairs out required courage, but proved to be more than worthwhile in the end.

Key Takeaway:

Lesson Learned from the Harbor View Cottage

Being open to the possibilities pays off. Letting go of something you may be attached to opens you up to the next version of your home, which can be even more meaningful and special to your family.