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Jamestown, Rhode Island

Historic Three Sisters Home

Project Partners


Abigail Campbell-King, AIA


Bayside Builders Inc.


Nat Rea

Honoring Legacy While Creating a Forever Home

The Three Sisters houses are a Jamestown landmark, a trio of nearly identical houses built in the 1890’s. The homeowners very much wanted to stay true to the home’s original intent, but needed more water-facing space. They worked with an architect who designed a family room addition. Our role was to finish this now lovely, light-filled home with fixtures, furnishings, and lighting.

Our client lived in Florida throughout the construction. This meant we served as their point person on site, and were responsible for getting the interiors finished on schedule. We also worked hard to alleviate the nerve-wracking aspects of home renovation for our clients. This job happened before FaceTime, so we FedExed packages of annotated photos to the homeowner almost every day – it helped them feel connected to the project and helped facilitate decision making.

Living a modern life in a historic home means honoring the best of the old while embracing relevant new technologies. The homeowner was very committed to using the home’s original fire places. We worked with expert local masons to have the mantels restored, chimney experts to replace the flues, and had a gas-fired log fixture installed to make the fireplace fully functional and totally enjoyable for the family.

Key Takeaway:

Lesson Learned from the Historic Three Sisters Home

You don’t have to be on site every day yourself to achieve a great forever home. Working with taste means you’ve got a team of dedicated professionals serving as your eyes and ears, mitigating risk and managing outcomes.