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Narragansett, Rhode Island

Sun’s Race

This project was featured in New England Home.

Project Partners

Architect: A. Tesa Architecture

Builder: Horan Building Company

Landscape Architect: Muoio Design Group

Lasting, Livable Luxury

Creating a forever home, especially one that is meant to serve as a cherished family legacy, requires a confident, timeless approach rooted in smart design and investment choices. Designing for generations means prioritizing longevity -- in material durability and lasting aesthetic appeal. It's the art of choosing what is always right.

To do that, our clients enlisted the talents of taste, Alec Tesa and Horan Building Company. We were fortunate to begin our interior design work before the original house was removed from the site, creating a well-coordinated team from the start.

As a result, thoughtful and custom elements were able to be included throughout the house. From the herringbone flooring at the entry, to the mahogany divided light doors, to the marble and the glass and tilework in the master bathroom, this traditional shingle style home delights at every turn. Our clients’ commitment to long-term joy resulted in a mahogany-clad office for him, a sunny morning room for the family to gather now, and future grandchildren's quarters and a playroom to run free even in the finest of homes.

For us, it remains as a great client project in taste's history of home-making. Made only more fulfilling because of our heartfelt affection and respect for our beloved clients.

Key Takeaways:

Lessons Learned from Sun's Race

Planning for now and the next 10+ years is so important when designing a forever home. When you plan ahead, you’re never left with questions of: Do we have enough space? Where will the grandchildren sleep? What will holidays look like? How do we intend to use our home? How do our children intend to use our home? Answering these questions (to the best of your ability) make it easy to prioritize investments and ensure you are making the right choices for now and for the future.

Know your budget. Being upfront and honest with your budget makes the design process that much more efficient (and cost effective).

We speak your (business) language. Successful people expect their projects to be managed just as their company projects – with consistent and accurate reporting on time and money. Our project planning tools answered that call for this client, and other successful people we work with. As a result, we were asked to work with our clients again in Florida and on a commercial project in Rhode Island.