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Project Peek:
Mackerel Cove Custom


Spring is in sight, and we’re in full swing on summer home design and construction. Today, we’re sharing a sneak peek at our Jamestown Mackerel Cove custom home we’re designing and building with WKP Construction and Herk Works Architecture.


Our work with this top notch client/design/build team started last August – well before the original home was removed and construction started. Since then, the team and our fantastic clients have modeled the exteriors, facilitated engineering, drawn and planned interiors, selected materials and budgeted for the project.


Tuesday was a milestone moment along the path, when clients and the entire team met at the site for a walk through and at our office for design planning. It was collaboration at its best. Megan shared designs and materials for the entire home, laid out in the taste-standard — enabling our clients to view, edit and experience their home up close and personal. (I personally love to ask clients to stand back, too, blur their eyes a bit, and take in the full expression of their interiors.)


The day was only made better when the entire team received this note from our client that evening… “Thank you for today. This is a dream come true and I can’t wait to see all of this come to life.”


What a privilege to be a part of someone’s dream. Thanks to our partners WKP and Herk Works for working with us to make this home reality for our clients.


We’ll share more here and on Instagram in the coming months as we move from framing to finish to furnish. Until then…


Only the best,


The job site is a hive of activity and the mild winter weather has helped maintain progress the past few months, without the pain of bitter temperatures.


Framing of the 1st and 2nd floors is underway, supported by the ground level piers.


WKP’s clever fade from framing to finish drawings, helping our clients understand what portions of the framed house equal the finished spaces when completed.


An aerial view of the west-facing, waterside house where sunsets will be in abundance.


A sampling of our interior design for this special family home, led by Megan Landis, taste project manager and interior designer extraordinaire.