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Barrington, Rhode Island

Family Friendly

Project Partners

Architect: Brewster Thornton

Builder: Pariseault Builders

Kids Come First

Working with young families brings us such joy and this project delivered that, and then some. Helping to make this Barrington home fresh and suited for this high energy family and son with special needs was a happy challenge. The result is spaces that make life easier at home and don't forsake style, for all family members.

Key Takeaways:

Lessons Learned from Family Friendly

When children are young, invest your renovation funds in hard finishes and materials that will be everlasting in your home and spend less on upholstered furnishings you're likely to change out as they get older (and neater).

Designing for special needs doesn't have to compromise style. Flooring materials, cabinetry finishes and stone used throughout the home can be also be employed in special need areas with careful attention paid to slip resistance, and accessibility.