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Jamestown, Rhode Island

Honest, Artful Bungalow

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A bungalow in Jamestown gets a full structural renovation and color overhaul. The summer retreat is brought back to life with a mid-century modern aesthetic. We procured Danish modern furniture furniture, accents and art to compliment our client’s existing pieces. This project was featured in Rhode Island Monthly.

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Builder: Viera Construction Building & Remodeling

The Economy of Beautiful Small, Spaces

It was the idea of togetherness, and the longing for a well-appointed retreat that led a busy academic leader to purchase a charming Jamestown home. Transforming it into an art-filled getaway was a process that proved the true value of design guidance and leadership.

There were some gut-wrenching surprises during this project. After determining the second floor should be reimagined for greater use of space and added natural light, it became clear that the structural integrity of the house was not what it needed to be. Helping the homeowner see the possibilities in the situation, maintain focus on the goals she had for her home, and move confidently forward resulted in a beautiful, colorful home.

This renovation was definitely a full-time plus job. The scope of this project was more than any homeowner wants to handle on their own – especially one who was simultaneously managing a busy professional career. Added to that was the challenge that our client lived in Chicago. Having a team well-versed in managing projects and communicating with clients who are remote – along with regular FaceTime calls from the job site and weekly updates – helped her stay at ease throughout the design/construction process.

Key Takeaway:

Lesson Learned from the Honest, Artful Bungalow

Having an honest design editor is key to managing outcomes. People have so much information and so many options available to them that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. By focusing on the big picture and allowing us to drill into the details for them, our clients achieve the dream home they want – no matter what challenges may arise along the way.