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A Night for the Senses with Artist Alyn Carlson

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a crossover in the senses that’s allowed me to smell, hear, taste, and feel color…”

– Alyn Carlson, Taste Artist in Residence

Last week, Patti Watson and Team Taste welcomed over 100 guests to experience the mesmerizing world of artist Alyn Carlson and her gallery exhibit, “Inner Light.” Alyn’s innovative approach to art is deeply intertwined with her unique condition, synesthesia, which paved the way for an immersive sensory experience at her opening reception last Thursday.

Synesthesia is a rare neurological condition that blurs the boundaries between the senses, allowing Alyn to see colors, shapes, and patterns when she hears music or experiences other stimuli. Her art serves as a bridge between these rich, intertwined perceptions, offering a glimpse into her kaleidoscopic world.

At the heart of our event was Alyn’s sensory table, an installation that allowed visitors to delve into the synesthetic experience firsthand. The table featured a curated selection of various textures, colors, objects, scents, and even tastes, all meticulously selected to align with Alyn’s inspiration for specific paintings in a truly immersive multisensory experience.

Alyn’s collection of vibrant, abstract paintings now on display at the House of Taste serves as a visual representation of her synesthetic experiences, exploring the harmonious interplay between the senses.

In Alyn’s words:

Sounds, numbers, emotions have their own chroma for me. The lavender ring of a telephone. A newborn’s pale green intoxicating breathe. A cello’s deep purple note. My art is about color, line and texture stopping me and bringing me to a place where the emotional and the physical become one. With line, I explore, defining the feeling and space color begins in my paintings. The process of layering, scraping and rubbing paint results in completing the surface of my work. In my paintings, the layers of pigment, pull and push of color and drawing, the sensual, abstract and representational elements that surface, give me a geography to live and work in.

We encourage all art enthusiasts to book an appointment with us to view Alyn’s paintings or to discuss commissioned work. Alyn will be in her studio at Taste every Wednesday through the duration of her year-long residency.

For Alyn’s biography and a slideshow of her work, please click here.

Patti and Team Taste extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended the event. We appreciate your support of Taste and our area’s vibrant arts community. We hope you enjoyed the exhibit and – of course – the margaritas, Diego’s own potent recipe! We appreciate your support of Taste and our Artist in Residence Program, which seeks to connect our clients and friends with world-class artists, fostering opportunities for designing homes finished with meaningful, original art.