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Ainsley Lawson

Ainsley Lawson

Interior Designer & Project Manager

With an extensive background in hospitality and fine residential design, I am pleased to bring my attention to detail and broad experience to taste. As Senior Designer for a busy hospitality firm specializing in private clubs, I learned the importance of establishing trusting relationships with suppliers, developing strong interpersonal skills and utilizing my fine arts background to conceptualize a space and effectively bring it closer to reality.

An artist at heart and by education, I received my Bachelors of Fine Art from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and have kept my artistic skills active in my work and life. I look for ways to use my joy of hand drawing as a tool when communicating interior space ideas with my clients.

I believe good design is the synergy of function and beauty and has the power to both heal and inspire. As an interior designer, I hope to help clients develop a personal visual language and learn how their unique experiences influence their own design aesthetic. For my own unique experience, I lived in England for almost three years. Being surrounded by so much antiquity and historical architecture was incredibly inspiring. From that experience, I appreciate the original integrity of a building or home yet find ways to make it feel fresh and current. At taste, I'm thrilled to be surrounded by a team that values this same design philosophy.

On the weekends, my husband and our adopted dog Ren enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking trails, and exploring new cities - both nationally and internationally.