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Julia Reinalda

Julia Reinalda

Interior Designer & Project Manager

Design is such an exciting field to be part of. There are so many incredible minds pumping out great ideas all of the time, concepts that are simultaneously beautiful and well-engineered. I knew I wanted to focus on interior design post-undergrad, and obtained my Interior Design Certificate from RISD. In the seven years that followed, I’ve benefited from Patti’s mentorship and tons of on-the-job experience.

And being a working Mom with two active kids has been a Master's class in juggling a full, demanding schedule – when everything has to get done right now, efficient decision making is a must! When clients say "We couldn’t have done this without you" I know we’ve done a good job shepherding them through a long, complicated project, putting their minds at ease and making the experience much less stressful for them.

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