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Louisa Votava

Louisa Votava

Interior Designer & Project Manager

Growing up in New York with urban designers as parents, design has always been a major part of my life. Going into college, I found myself taking lots of art and design classes and it didn’t take long to decide to major in architecture. Following my graduation from Barnard College I worked as a freelancer for Taste in its early days of operation. From there I took up more architectural based work in Rhode Island until recently returning back to Taste as a project manager.

I love helping clients bring their design visions to life. Working as a designer, you quickly realize that while many people enjoy living in a well-designed space, they don’t always have the vision or vocabulary to explain what this means to them. A big part of the design process is picking up on the little clues and trying to tease out information to translate these disparate pieces into a cohesive finished product. It’s the gift of a designer to envision these spaces before they actually exist, and use our tools and experience to bring it to life. My favorite moment is when a client says they couldn’t have imagined the new space on their own, but yet in the end, it’s exactly what they wanted. 

Beyond Taste, I enjoy taking in the simple pleasures of life with my boyfriend and our dog. We can often be found going out for walks in nature, on a road trip to new destinations, catching live music, or gardening.