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Patti Watson

Patti Watson

Owner & Principal

ASID, allied member

What’s great about Taste – and what I love most about doing what we do and the way we do it – is the fact that it draws on every part of my professional skill set to deliver comfortable luxury in a way that makes sense in the real world. The years I spent focused on creative marketing and business development at GTECH and Firebrand LLC honed my project management skills and made me fluent in the language busy decision makers understand and appreciate the most. The extensive travel involved allowed me to experience the many different ways people create beauty all around the world. As I transitioned into the design phase of my career, those corporate experiences proved hugely valuable, first in my role with The Procaccianti Group, a hotel development corporation, and now, with Taste, working with individual families to create comfortable, beautiful homes.

We’re known for design leadership and guidance. I think, more than anything, the most satisfying part of the job is the role we play helping our clients get the most from the lives they’re living. We begin by establishing a genuine understanding of who our clients are and what’s important to them, and then our incredible team makes it happen. I take great pride in our approach – it’s an efficient, systemized process that consistently delivers superior results – but even more so in our people, both our team and the many talented architects, builders, trade professionals, craftspeople and artists we work with.

It may be that we’ve discovered the best way to create happy homes. I know that when you love what you do, the distinction between work time and downtime gets blurred. And I wouldn’t trade the joy that comes from my work for anything.