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Devon Park

Devon Park

Production Coordinator

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about designing homes. As a child, I often spent my time sketching floor plans and collecting home accessories. As an adult, my passion guided my career path. After finishing my degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing at Boston University, I started a career as a realtor. Real estate provided me with the opportunity to explore different properties and imagine their potential. In 2018, I established my own home staging company to complement my real estate business. Though I enjoyed staging homes, I longed to create more meaningful and lasting designs, leading me to pursue interior design full time.

I am currently working to finish my Interior Design Certificate from RISD. I am delighted to move beyond the real estate closing table and help realize a client’s full vision for their home. I believe that good design should not only be functional, but a true reflection of the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle. I treasure creating the backdrop for a family's memories and shared experiences.

When not in the office, I aim to live an active yet balanced life. You can often find me at the beach, playing softball, or trying new recipes in my kitchen. My partner and I first bonded over a shared passion for historical homes, and we continue to foster this in our spare time by restoring old houses.